Shorewest Shares: Five Biggest Turn-Offs For Homebuyers

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As the market continues to heat up, many houses are selling fast. First impressions are everything — and it’s important to prepare your home for sale. Here are the five biggest turn-offs for home buyers:

1. Overpricing. If you overprice your home, you will get negative feedback from buyers. But you could also get silence — meaning no showings or offers. If you overprice your home, buyers who are qualified may be shopping in a lower price range and not realize it. The buyers who do realize it may find another home that offers more value than yours.

2. Smells. Nobody will buy a home that smells. Whether it’s from pets, lack of cleanliness, stale air, water damage, or much more, buyers will either walk away immediately or significantly reduce their offer. If your home smells, get to the problem of it — and take care of it!

3. Clutter. Stuff in the kitchen, stuff in the living room, stuff everywhere — too much stuff can confuse buyers. It makes it really difficult to see the proportions of the room when there is too much stuff crammed in. Clean out your home so your buyers can see themselves in your space.

4. Deferred maintenance. Buyers want a well-maintained home. If there are things that need to be fixed, it’s important to fix them before listing your home for sale. It can be as simple as updating all lighting fixtures. If there is significant maintenance required, your potential buyer will significantly reduce their offer.

5. Dated décor. The reason people are looking at your home is because of cost and location. If you’re home is behind the times, buyers might not want to join you. Buyers are looking for a home that’s updated.

Your Shorewest Agent can help you prepare your home for sale and avoid these five mistakes. Contact your Shorewest Agent today!

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